I admit it’s been fun posing some news and pictures of supercars crashed or damaged in accidents as shared in this blog many times. This mainly involves incompetent rich dudes who is unable to control their super fast and expensive vehicles which resulted into an accident. However this piece of news, happened last weekend in Singapore, was entirely opposite compared to the ones we shared previously. In fact it was a sad tragedy where lives were lost.

Carnage in the streets of Singapore!

What happened on last Saturday morning, a rare and really expensive Ferrari 599 GTO was caught speeding and jumping the red lights collided with unsuspecting taxi, then hit an unlucky motorcyclist at the junction of Rochor Road and Victoria Street. The driver, Ma Chi, 31 year old businessman from China, was killed instantly and trapped in the wreckage while his female companion was trapped and somehow survived. Things weren’t good in the taxi where the driver and passenger were trapped inside the taxi.

Authorities managed to extract the victims out but later the passenger, a Japanese woman in her 20’s, has succumbed into injuries, and the latest update was the taxi driver, 52-year-old Cheng Teck Hock, was declared brain dead and pronounced dead. The motorcyclist meanwhile survived the ordeal but was treated in the hospital with serious injuries.

The remains of the taxi. Both the driver and passenger eventually lost their lives

The remains of the Ferrari 599 GTO

The motorcyclist meanwhile survived the ordeal

The Ferrari 599 GTO was one of the 599 units produced by Ferrari and it is currently the fastest street legal Ferrari ever built with performance figures of 0-100 in 3.35 seconds and top speed of over 320KMH. It is also one of the hardest super car to drive as many journalist claimed. Still, someone’s reckless behavior when driving such powerful machine into the streets that caused deaths to the driver and the unsuspecting victims is an sad example of driving responsibility ignorance on roads, regardless if you driving just a small hatchback or a rare Italian beast.

The crash was so strong the Ferrari’s engine was separated from the wreckage

Meanwhile, here is the news report from MediaCorp reporting this fatal accident on the 12th May 2012.

Over here is the recorded video of the crash from a taxi


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