Everyone does Kung Fu fighting, so does Sebastien Vettel! Cheesy song aside, this is actually an Internet viral marketing effort by Infinity (think Nissan’s version of Lexus of Toyota) to market their new range of cars in the East with eastern themes. Infinity is also the title sponsor of Vettel’s Formula One team, Red Bull.So what they come up is a online series featuring Vettel and kung fu star Celina Jade in a multipart short film series named “Drive of the Dragon”. Here we got the first movie of the series, in which Vettel and Jade were in the Infinity FX (obvious isn’t it) in some parts of China when they met a man in distress from some bad people who knows kung fu well.

I admit Celina Jade is HOT!!!

Apart of the wooden acting, cheesy lines (typically from Formula One drivers but surprisngly Vettel was a fun character during his apperance in Top Gear UK last year) and wire fu, this is still entertaining to watch. So what’s next for Vettel in the next movie? Fighting alongside Alonso in the highways? Or perhaps a love scene between Jade and Vettel? Click the video as below:

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