Driving a super car does mean driving responsibly. Like obey the traffic rules, do not bet the traffic lights. Do not speed (well that’s hard for sure) and don’t be a pr**k on the road. That includes don’t run away when you caused an accident, as appear in this video recorded in Russia.

What happened was on a road intersection, the Audi R8, which believed to be driven very fast, was rapidly exiting a hairpin corner when the Audi collided with an unexpected victim in a green Lada car. That caused the later to be flipped and gone turtle, while the Audi escaped from the scene. The video now has went viral and become one of Youtube most viewed video in Russia. The video has caused anger to most people, including many of the Russian street racing community. As per now, the police are still looking for the R8 driver, dubbed “Nedodrifter,” which roughly means “Not-quite-drifter”.

Meanwhile no word on the fate of the driver or passenger of that poor Lada. The video is as below, just hopefully you can bare the annoying “aimersoft” watermark.

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