Let me ask if you can picture any cars or motorcycle you can think off which is made by Honda? The loud and fast Civic Type R? The NSR Superbike? How about the legendary S2000 and the NSX? Or the evergreen Honda EX5/Cub motorcycle that ferries around people without fail?

Here an interesting television car advert from Honda in Japan that worth your time. The one minute advert showcase all the important cars and motorcycle Honda has made from the their first product which is a bicycle,motorcycle, 1965 RA272 F1 car , the iconic S800, the Civic, the legendary NSX and then ended with what supposed to be a teaser for the new NSX. Mind you, it does look very awesome.

The new Honda/Acura NSX Concept. Simply awesome

The advert ended with the wordings “We won’t be beaten”. But I wonder by who? Toyota? Volkswagen? Anyway here the video for your viewing.

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