The Bersih 3.0 public rally was held on 28th of April 2012 and the move, which was attended by Malaysians in various cities world wide, was to push fairer election reforms in which the Malaysian government is yet and reluctant to implement. In the city of Kuala Lumpur, what supposed to be a peaceful rally by almost 100,000 people of all walks of life to gather at the iconic Dataran Merdeka which was barricaded by the police, has turned ugly on the final hours of the rally when police shot tear gasses and water sprays to a unruly crowd of protestors. This caused chaos in the city, which includes one ugly incident as per the title says.

Police car lost control and rammed into the escaping crowd

The shit hits the fan when this incident was recorded on the videos and many pictures in social media sites. Apparently during around 3pm when the chaos emerges, a police car was spotted patrolling the roads of Jalan Tengku Abdul Rahman when it was attacked by the unruly crowd by throwing bottles and stones into the police. Not sure what really happened if the police car which might almost hit some protestors which provoked their anger and attacked the car, or as rumors claimed there are sabotagers who were causing trouble in purpose. The escaping police car, who must have went into panic mode then went lost control and rammed into a few unlucky protestors who were trying to escape.

Whether who is provoking the attacks is questionable

The crowd later at first stopped the attacking man in a grey shirt and helmet which may attack the police for trying to kill him before a few brave ones extracted out the injured and shaken two policemen on the Proton Waja police car. It was until someone from the crowd has shouted there were two victims pinned down which caused all protestors to work together by overturning the car and extract the victims from the pinned car. The victims were believed to be extracted out before the crowd went helter-skelter when more police has arrived. There were five protestors injured by the ramming car.

The ugly aftermath

Selfless act to rescue the pinned victims

There were blood spots around the floor, which is something we do not want to see from what supposed to be a peaceful rally by Malaysians for political reforms. There were no confirmation on this as the time this piece is written but apparently one of the victims has passed away due to serious injuries on the head.The two unlucky cops was later rescued by the authorities, together with those who were injured by this incident.

The videos are as below and please be reminded viewer discretion is advised.

On how the police car went out of control and crashed

The aftermath of the crash

Records from the people who was at the scene of the incident.

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