The new Range Rover Evoque is simply an magnificent car by Land Rover. Despite the premium pricing in Malaysia, all units of Evoque allocated here for the year 2012 were sold out meaning if you looking for one now, you may need to wait earliest by 2013. The small and funky premium SUV was also a sales success back in the UK and it is not designed by your typical car engineer or some well known car designer. In fact, it was designed by former Spice Girl and fashion designer, Victoria Beckham.

During the recent launch of the Victoria Beckham limited edition of the Range Rover Evoque in the Beijing International Motor 2012 show, she admitted that she get her hubby’s input when designing the car. Quoted from her “I’ve stayed very true to myself. I’ve designed a car that I want to drive, a car that I think David wants to drive,” said the former Spice Girl in an interview in Beijing, where she was promoting the vehicle, late on Sunday.

The vehicle has exclusive, hand-finished matt paint, and also included rose gold accents on the grille and gloss black forged alloy wheels. Inside, the four-seat coupe includes vintage-inspired leather seats, rose gold-plated accents and features trimmings of black lacquer, textured aluminium and mohair.  Furthermore, the vehicle includes bespoke luxury accessories, such as a four-piece leather luggage set and a hand-sewn leather wallet for the owner’s manual signed by Mrs. Beckham herself.

Only available for a limited 200 units only for the Chinese market and presumably to be sold out by now, this gorgeous vehicle is your ticket to a posh lifestyle, special thanks to the Posh Spice herself. Click the video as below:

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