It’s been a while I have personally watched a talent show, like American Idol or X Factor. The part which I enjoyed the most was the audition show in which contestant from all walks of life will be on stage to impress all three judges to move into the final stages. These competitors has made ordinary folks into stardom, either for good or bad reasons. Examples like Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift are the good ones with songs that may bring smiles to everyone, while one can remember William Hung and many other terrible rejects as their source of humor. Still, they have their chance of instant fame, regardless if it’s good or not.

So what’s this gonna do with this automotive blog? Well, there is some relevance here as the video shown as below. In the show Australian Got Talent, one young male by the name of Daniel Jovanovic, decided to try something else he is rather, very good at,by mimicking car sounds, from a Formula One car, to some muscle cars (by all means thank god he didn’t choose the Hybrid). The result? All three approvals from the judges which means he can advance into the next stages!

I totally agree with the host saying “simply like doing something to get you a yes, you need to make the right noises”. Congratulations mate,and make sure in your next round, please make the sound of a Ferrari 458  accelerating into a tunnel. Or a Nissan GTR with big turbo blowing off the streets should be epic.

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