“Drive It To Believe It”, but looks like someone misread the tagline as “Drive It To Crash It”! The photos show a red Preve test unit with its front right wheel crooked due to hitting the road curb. According to Hezeri Samsuri, editor at Top Gear Malaysia, tweeted “ First Preve crash – salesman went 120kmh in Sentul, tried to avoid a car and tyre hit the pavement!!!! Tie rod patah beb!!!”

Yes, it is indeed the exit from DUKE Highway leading to Sentul. Some say the Preve hitted the road curb before the corner when the salesman try to avoid a car, and then bounced to the location shown in the photo below. I say the force shouldn’t be that tremendous which can bounce the Preve so far away. Probably the Preve is moved after the crash so that it can be towed away or doesn’t disrupt the traffic flow.

Any other ideas? :)

Written by Simon Har

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