This is what i call a proper clash of the titans! Well not that crappy 3D movie (even I do not anticipate the latest sequel) but by these two automotive icons from different continents. On the blue/purple corner, from the East, is the Godzilla we all known very well, the Nissan GTR! The car, specially designed by Nissan to fight off the other car from the white corner. On the white corner, is the newly launched Porsche 911 Carrera S (991 model) which has been in existence since the early 60’s!

May the best car wins!

To settle this intense shootout, renowned British car magazine, Evo UK, has enlisted former Top Gear and Fifth Gear host and ex racing driver, Tiff Needle, to drive both these machines to against each other on track at the Bedford Autodrome in the UK. So, who is going to win, is the German veteran which the word “perfection” is in it’s middle name, or is the fearsome Godzilla which bring terror all the way from Japan?

My money will go to the Nissan GTR, but still, tune in to this video to find out who will win this legendary dogfight!

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