The automotive stunt of driving a loop-the-loop has been always fascinating to watch but only the sane minds will do it via their Hot Wheels toy set. Very few daring drivers are brave and mad enough to do it. But this one from China is the crème de la crème.

The Youngman Lotus L5

What happened was, in China this brave Chinese man, Yatao, was attempting to break a new world record for driving the biggest loop-the-loop every constructed in the history of mankind, by the diameter of 42 feet, 2.69 inches. The attempt will be made using a Chinese manufactured car, oddly named Lotus L5 from Youngman, which previously has connection with Proton and Lotus and now trying to bid for the ownership of the dying Swedish brand, Saab.

It is a new world record!

Yatao, who is Youngman’s test driver, has somehow successfully drive to the loop-a-loop with perfect style. This effort has put him into the Guinness World of Records for driving at the biggest loop-the-loop in the world. The video for this amazing feat can be seen as below.

But the best part of this news to Malaysians is that this car, the Youngman Lotus L5, is actually a rebadged Proton Persona powered with the 1.6cc Campro CPS engine! So, apart of these Chinese, Malaysians has something to brag about as well! For that, here’s an Internet Meme I can relate to:

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