The ‘J’ for the Aventador does not represent an entry level variant like for the Vios ‘J’. Instead, it’s a revolution of Aventador, where now it comes without a roof. Yes, a roadster! Pronounced as the “Yoh-tah”, this is perhaps one of the most stunning cars Lamborghini has ever made. Here’s the catch, Lamborghini will only build one Aventador J and is willing to sell it to you! (with tons of cash in the Swiss account for sure)

Introduced in the Geneva International Motorshow recently, Eventhough now the Aventador J comes with lesser weight, it gains more character and sportiness while retaining the angular lines all over the exterior. The roof and windscreen received the Sawzall treatment, where small wind reflector is fitted to give it a two-seat sport bike effect.

It’s amazing to know how far a supercar manufacturers will go just to reduce the weight of their cars. The seats and interior trim of the Aventador J are fitted with a new carbon fibre fabric called ‘Carbonskin’. They are nice to touch and most important of all, reduces the car’s overall weight.

The Aventador J comes with the same powertrain found in the standard Aventador. A 700hp 6.5liter 12-cylinder engine is mated with an all-wheel-drive system enables the Aventador J to achieve the speed of over 300kph (186 mph). Selling price at approx 2.1 million Euros (excluding VAT), this may be a bargain for rich Arab oil barrens still! Regardless, the driver and passenger better have their helmets ready!

Here’s a video taken during the launch event at Geneva

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