Long before the launch of Nissan Murano Convertible and while my imagination runs wilder at a younger age, I’ve actually thought of the concept of crossing a SUV with a convertible. Had those silly imaginations where I can wade through flood or climb mountains with top down, it would be so cool if I ever had the chance to do so!

Now, Land Rover had unveiled what it called the ‘world’s first premium convertible SUV’, the Land Rover Evoque Convertible. With a low-slung (for a SUV) and sporty exterior, the design of the Evoque Convertible is well executed and handsome I would say. Although the Evoque Convertible is still in ‘concept’ form, we can see it’s ready for launch at anytime!

Since the Evoque Convertible has its roof ‘chopped’ off, Roll Over Protection System is essential in order to protect the occupants in an event of rollover. We can expect the Evoque Convertible comes with the same features and powertrains offered in the Evoque SUV when it hits the production line.

No doubt that the Evoque in SUV form is a capable offroader, it’s still a Land Rover anyway. It’s certainly a better offroader compared to Nissan Murano Convertible, which focuses more on on-road comfort. Thus, the Evoque Convertible might be the first convertible SUV that can make my imaginations come true!

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