Daytona, mention that name and many picture the arcade racing game created by Sega, featuring stock cars which can drift like there’s no tomorrow. Anyhow, the real stock car in NASCAR rarely drifts in oval tracks (unless it has lost control before crashing into barriers or many cars which is a disaster but spectacular for viewers), as in a typical NASCAR race in the US will see 40 over cars in close contact racing in very high speeds in oval circuits. The Daytona 500 is one of the most famous races in the NASCAR, and this year’s one was one was indeed a classic.

This is because the race, which was supposed to be on Sunday but postponed to the following Monday evening due to rain (Yes, there is no wet races in NASCAR), was caught in a rather weird accident that even almost brought the race into a halt. Many know that among former F1 drivers who went to NASCAR is Colombian’s Juan Pablo Montoya. Well in this story, his name does involve, but not as a race winner but a unfortunate victim of a rather freak accident.

After 160 laps completed with 40 left to go, Montoya left the pit stop during caution when he lost control of his car and steered on the right before slamming his car into a jet dryer truck. The jet dry truck, which is basically a heavy duty pickup to clean the track, and has a helicopter jet engine attached. So the impact has caused a ball of flames from the wreck, as seen in the video below.

Fortunately, both Montoya and the truck driver escape from any injuries but the burning fuel threatened to end the Daytona 500. This delayed the race for another two hours for the track officials to clean up the mess before racing resumed and eventually won by Matt Kenseth. Typically, cars in NASCAR goes left and left. Things might happen if any of these cars turn right. Yaiks.

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