2012 has become a heretic year for Ken Block, and he started his campaign in 2012 with a bang. First of his many important events started with his participation of a local rally event in 100 Arch Woods Rally, United States. Together with his co driver, Alex Gelsomino, the duo tackled the forest stages in Missouri, on the Ford Fiesta HFHV.

Apparently, his Ford Fiesta is way too fast in this rally

The video is taken when Block was training at Sayers Brook Bison Ranch in Missouri.

So how do the dynamic duo fares? Well, they took first place on five of the six stages ran during leg one of the rally, and both ended their day sitting in first overall with an 18.6-second lead from their nearest rival. Their rally was not an uneventful one as on one of the stages in day two, the Fiesta suffered a bad tyre puncture which made Block to lost 45 seconds of lead. His special HFHV Fiesta, which may actually be too fast to race when he incurred a time penalty on one of the stages for going too fast averaging a time on the stage higher than permitted by event insurance. Still after three days of rallying and 17 stages completed, Ken Block wins his 6th consecutive 100 Acre Wood rally, with a dominating 15 stage wins out of 17, and almost 30 seconds lead from the second car.

Yes, even a flat tyre will not stop Ken Block!

This was the first time we’ve actually raced my H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta in stage rally,” said Block. “It wasn’t an easy race and we definitely had some things to work through mechanically, but overall it went well and learned a lot about the car. Plus, it’s great to win with it out on it’s maiden Rally America race!”

Sixth victories in the row, massive congratulations

Block and Gelsomino’s next challenge will be the WRC Mexico, which will take place in Léon, Mexico, March 8-11. Interestingly, former Proton and Subaru rally driver from the down under, Chris Atkinson, has signed with the Monster World Rally Team to be team mate with Block in Mexico, driving the second Ford Fiesta WRC car! Till then, our congratulations to Ken Block and his team!

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