It was a surprise to see the all-new Hyundai Elantra, which is soon to be sold in our market in Mid Valley! To promote how awesome and equipment laden the car is, labels were all over the exterior of the car to point out the details. It doesn’t need any description on the exterior to point out how attractive the car is! Designed with the ‘wind craft’ concept of ‘fluidic sculpture’ direction, the Elantra will be another looker when it hits our street.

Some initial specification of the Elantra include measurement of F/R215/45R17 tyre, 1775mm wide, 4530mm long and a 2700mm wheelbase. The Elantra, which is wearing an Inokom badge, will be available with 1.6litre and 1.8litre engine. The former produces 130PS and 157Nm of torque, while the latter comes with 150PS and 178Nm of torque.

Some equipments revealed on the exterior include VSM (Vehicle Stability Management) which is the combine force of the ESP and the electric steering wheel to aid traction, safety escort lamps, auto headlamps, push-start button, sunroof, reverse camera and 10-way electric seat. However, it is uncertain that which features mentioned will be found in the 1.6litre Elantra.

Estimated price for the 1.6litre Hyundai Elantra is around RM90k while the 1.8litre Elantra will be RM10xk. Its biggest rival will be the Kia Forte, also laden with plenty of features but priced slightly lower than the 1.8litre Elantra for the 2.0litre Forte. What’s your say on both?

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