Recently, in one of Malaysia’s popular car enthusiasts portals, I have stumbled upon a rather rare and special car which is put on sale. It is the Proton Satria Neo CPS R3 Lotus Racing Edition.

Here’s a little history of that car I can remember. Introduced in 2010 when Malaysia has added another interesting entry into Formula One with the introduction of a famed Formula One constructor, Lotus after more than 15 years. Back then before the ugly Lotus splat drama which took off in 2011, the other Lotus (with the collaboration of Naza’s SM Nasaruddin, Air Asia;s Tony Fernandes and F1 technical head great Mike Gascoyne) and Proton, collaborate to release a special edition Proton to promote the Lotus Racing team in Malaysia. So here comes a 25 unit only Proton Satria Neo. Think of it as a normal 2 door passenger car with premium parts only reserved for expensive sports car, and you’ll get the picture.

Powered with a souped up CPS engine with 145 bhp and 168 Nm of torque and 0-100 km/h is in 9.2 seconds and top speed is 200 km/h. Perhaps the most eye popping about this car is the ride and handling department. The stock Satria Neo has already good suspension and dampers, but this is made even better. If for those female readers who can’t get the picture, just picture your good Zara shoes, only to be picked by Jimmy Choo and he makes your ordinary shoe to something extraordinary that makes  Scarlet Johannson jealous, and you pretty much get the context here.

This machine uses Öhlins DFV (Dual Flow Valve) fully adjustable coil-over suspension with spring and dampers setup by the experts from Proton’s famed tuner, R3, with claims these will deliver racecar-like direct steering input and cornering precision no other normal passenger car can. The 4 pot AP Racing brakes were fitted on the front but strangely the rear disc brake were using a single pot disc. Coupled with many R3 parts like R3 tuned camshafts, R3 Titanium Exhaust Headers, R3 Alloy Underdrive Pulleys, an R3 Tuned Exhaust System, and an R3 Carbon Fiber Airbox does make this Satria Neo a really great car. There even a tiny start stop button on the cockpit as well.

However, priced at a whopping RM115,000 which is seriously a lot for a local car, this car did gather criticisms when it is first launched. However I can’t see why, as this is supposed to be a limited edition car, and this car is indeed a true special limited edition machine (shame on you Perodua for your endless special limited editions car). It is not sure if all 25 units were sold.

Coming back to this topic, what we can see here is a 2 year old unit is currently selling at RM95,000, which is almost 20% depreciation after 2 years. Honestly, despite the premium pricing, what you look at is a very rare car. First, this car uses the best suspension and dampers and it is well engineered by the wizards of R3. But my next point clarifies why this car is special. I think for those who follows F1 knows this Lotus Racing team has become Team Lotus in 2011 before it is currently know as Caterham Racing after the result of the Lotus court battle. This is the car created for celebrating a F1 team that is no longer existed. You may don’t see he value here but my crystal ball tells me that 20-30 years down the road, this could be the most expensive Proton in our roads. You heard it here first.

The link for this unique car is as here, however kindly comment and let us know your opinions if you think this car is worth buying at RM95,000.