Thailand. Land of some of the spiciest food, and unforgettable girls. But in this post, we’re not focusing on the girls, but something rather relevant to us petrol heads here.

Yes folks. A 4 door Nissan GT-R

Have you seen the Nissan GTR with four doors? Hang on the minute, this does look freaking odd. Well fret not, this machine does not have Nissan’s legendary 3.8 V6 engine with ATTESA E-TS 4WD. Well we believe there’s a market for family man who wants to ferry his wife and kids in a supercar killer. With Dad says “Kids, wanna see me smoke a Gallardo?”, must be awesome for the kids!

Well upon closer inspection, somehow the owner managed to source all the correct bodypanels from a Nissan GTR and got them to fit so nicely onto an ordinary Nissan Teana. Honestly, despite this is not a real four door GTR, splendid effort done by this manical owner. Perhaps Nissan should do something official like this? Enjoy the pictures below.

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