We have found some new info from an undisclosed source on what supposed to be the most interesting car launch for 2012 in Malaysia. The Proton Persona replacement model, code named the P3-21A or ‘Tuah’, is going to replace the Persona model as it was believed that Proton has stopped production of the Persona models and currently phasing out their remaining Personas in their inventories (hint: expect massive discounts for Persona model in Proton showrooms!)

After many leaked shots of the car revealed, the following information is even juicier and set to prompt excitement to many including myself.

It will be released in three different trims, just like the Exora. It seems the turbocharged Campro CFE engine is only available for the premium edition while the Campro IAFM, which powers the current Persona model, is only available for the lower two trims. Due to government regulations for air bags for all new cars in 2012, it is likely to see at least one driver’s airbag for the cheapest standard trim. Rumor has it that for the premium edition includes a world class spec of 6 airbags and Electronic Stability Control. No news on the transmission but as expected, the CVT is only introduced for the Premium while the standard auto and manual transmission are for the lower two trims.

– Proton P3-21A 1.6 IAFM (Standard)
– Proton P3-21A 1.6 IAFM (Executive)
– Proton P3-21A 1.6 CFE (Premium)

Estimated pricing will be from RM45,000 to RM65,000. So if these rumors are true, we can expect the P3-21A, which is supposed to be Proton’s first worldwide car in many years, is priced within RM60,000 bracket which is still affordable for many Malaysians, slashing out rumors of initial pricing above RM80,000. To buy a modern well spec car with a modern engine and drivetrain for less than RM70,000 is astonishing. Proton has also set to release this car by 16 March 2012!

However no official name is given for this car but if it possible, I would like the Persona name to be retained for this car. We will definitely share more info the moment we obtain more on this car, particularly the car’s name and official pricing.

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