Most of the parents in this world have to go through a similar phase: buying a car for their son or daughter who just got their driving license. Choosing a car for yourself is as easy as ABC, but choosing a car for someone who is inexperience in driving might be as hard as trying to figure out the temperature of the sun without the help of Google or Wikipedia.

I’ve been through a phase as well (as a son, of course), which is trying to buy a used car myself. Since I’m not from a rich family, I surveyed in some used car websites before I settle down on deciding which used car suits me the best. As a teenager, I want something fast and sporty so that I can show it off in front of my friend (too bad there isn’t many attractive but also affordable used cars!). Most of the teenage girls would opt for smaller, city car which is easier to be manoeuvred than sedan or SUV. However, as a parent, would you approve your precious prince and princess to get a car like what I’ve described above?

I’m sure most of the parents out there hope to get a car which is as safe as a World War II bunker for their teenage son or daughter. They would also want a car that can protect each and every possible body parts of their precious ones if something unfortunate happens. Best if the airbags can fill the whole cabin without leaving any empty space, leaving no room for ‘error’.

And do you even feel confident with a small car? Even though small cars are getting better in terms of safety, we still can’t fight the law of physics. Small cars just looks too vulnerable, you can imagine them being flashed from the back by bigger cars on the highway or being flipped over by cross-wind when a bus passes by them. A Hummer would be the perfect candidate then!

Parents would also want their son or daughter’s car to be slow, I mean snail slow. Getting a car with rocket acceleration is a no-no, and 0-100km/h should take more time than a secondary school student needed to calculate a complicated calculus question. A 500cc engine with a maximum top speed of 60km/h would be ideal for the car. This will ensure that the car won’t be exceeding any speed that could be fatal to the occupants, and fuel saving too!

Still, choosing a car for your child is one of the toughest assignments that you’ll face in your parenthood. Your decision might determine how their lives would be in the future. Your child might not be happy with your choice of car, but you’ll know it’s for your child’s own good.

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