Perodua has recently launched another new Alza, after the Alza Advance and Alza M2 Edition. But, instead of adding additional features on it, they decided to reduce the specifications to cater to a wider audience.

As quoted by Perodua MD Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh during the launch “The introduction of the Alza SR variant will make it even more affordable for Malaysian consumers looking to upgrade to a more spacious vehicle. Our customers like the versatility and functionality that Alza offers and do not mind having less features available compared with the standard and other variants. 

However, it does not mean we have compromised on the safety and the aesthetics of the Alza SR,”. He may have a point there, but the Alza SR does not have foglights, ABS, EBD, BA and airbags. Well, seems very much like a compromise to me. Funny enough, Perodua named their bare spec car trim, the SR which stands for “Smart Ride”. However we think the SR really stands for Safety Removed.

Other changes includes manually adjustable side mirrors, no more single bench front seats, handbrake at the proper position, “UV protected glass” on the windscreen only, as opposed to on all glass panels, and there’s no rear wiper. What a compromise, considering that increasing the price by about RM2500 gets you the full spec Alza. Honestly we hardly going to recommend this to anyone here.

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