It seems like there’s a rising trend of Lamborghini involving in accidents or mishaps in Malaysia. From wrecked Murcielago post Super GT 2011 race to flaming Lambos (no pun intended, but oh well), these Italian exotics has been pretty much abused by some rich dudes here. Here’s another we can add now. Just this weekend, another Lambo, this time a Gallardo LP560-4 was found wrecked in one highway at Subang Jaya.

What we can see from the images here is, the car has landed or hit the concrete wall quite violently. Sources suggested that the rear of this Italian exotic caught on fire (another flaming Lambo?) and the front has completely destroyed. Rollover suspected since the roof was pretty much damaged. But Lamborghini’s efforts on prioritizing safety design has paid off yet again as the driver did survive and was rescued by the authorities.

So should we add an archive to list down the Lambos which has bitten the dust in Malaysia?


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