Test drive a super car is akin to what Uncle Ben told Peter Parker (aka Spiderman), with his wise words “With great power, come great responsibility”. I personally just turned down my friend’s offer to test drive his RX7 because I couldn’t bare the consequences should the worse happens during a test drive. As it turns out, that mantra applies well in this accident that happened in Malaysia recently.

Lamp Post 1- Ferrari 0

Time to head into the nearest lottery shop!

According to a news report, what supposed to be an exhilarating test drive between a sales man and his customer has almost ended in a tragedy (well, still a tragedy for Ferrari fans) when the driver lost control, causing the car to spin into the road barriers and lamp post on the KL International Airport highway (near the highway where a Murciélago and a M5 crashed). It was believed that the car was speeding up to 300kmh on the long stretch of highway leaving the airport. Fortunately, there were no fatalities as both of them came out with minor injuries.

Apart from feeling sorry to this car and many Tifosi, I guess I feel more for the insurance company.

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