This video is like a recipe for disaster, yet it is hilarious! The small but nimble Ariel Atom is a beast, it is like putting a rocket engine into a shopping cart. The car weights a mere 600kg and can be powered by either choosing the powerful 2.0 K20A Honda NA engine producing approx 200HP or the much insane 500hp V8 engine. 0-100kmh in less than 3 seconds which can easily rival some of the supercars here!

To drive this paddle to the metal, you really need a helmet….

As what Clarkson agreed! Bet he likes it!

This odd exoskeleton car with no windscreen and such maniacal acceleration means this is not a car for everyone. Moreover this not a car to have a McDonalds takeout, as shown in this video below.

0-100KMH: 2 seconds++, price of the car: 40K pounds in UK, Price of the McDonald Meal: 10 dollars. The expression of seeing your fries and coke blew away in seconds leaving you hungry: PRICELESS

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