Now, let us present to you, the Hanzo AutoBuzz’s COTY for 2011! Many car magazines have announced and awarded their COTY awards. Japan has given it to the Nissan Leaf, Top Gear UK has awarded it to the Land Rover Evoque, Autocar ASEAN decided that the Volkswagen Golf is the worthy winner and the list goes on. Last year, in our inaugural edition we created 2 categories, one is Best Overall COTY and another is COTY, money is no object. To summarize the difference, one can be afforded by many (hence no winners from Ferrari or Lamborghini unless they make an awesome bicycle) while another is our pick when money is not an issue (no chance we will see a Proton or Perodua on that catagory)

Without further delay, here is our pick for the winner for Best Overall COTY.

WINNER, Best Overcall COTY – Volkswagen Polo GTi
The Polo GTi doesn’t get much love in Europe as much as it’s elder sibling, the Golf GTI does. But over here, it has every reason to succeed. With only approx RM20,000++ premium compared to the normal but overpriced 1.2 TSI Polo sold in Malaysia, you get a 1.4 TSI Twincharger engine with 7 gear DSG. That 20 grand worth of premium will get better engine, and sportier ride and handling. For only less than RM140,000 and if you’re bored with the normal choices of Camry or Accord, it will put a big smile on your face. Although the Polo GTI does not give you much space. That is also RM70,000 cheaper than the Golf GTI. For that, giving a great fast and fun to drive car with a lot lesser, we can’t think any other car but this to be our winner.

Honorable Mention:
Proton Saga 1.6 FLX – Best Value for money
BMW 5 series F10 – Best Executive saloon money can buy for now
Audi A1 – A desirable premium supermini which is more sensible to own than the overrated Mini.
Land Rover Evoque – A desirable SUV that might elevate Land Rover into better position. This is because the Evoque is a brilliant SUV for the modern world.

WINNER, COTY, Money Is No Object – Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
Named after a trophy-winning bull in the world of Spanish bullfighting, this is the proper replacement to the Murcielago hypercar. Just like it’s predecessor, this one is seriously a looker. Unlike other sports cars of its kind who gone soft with hybrids, double clutch and so on, this one uses a new V12 engine with almost 700BHP powering this mad bull. A single clutch 7 speed semi automatic gearbox is used instead of going double clutch as Lamborghini claims the gear change is more enjoyable and soulful than the double clutch ones.

Not much love from the reviewers from Top Gear UK and Fifth Gear and the car is pretty overshadowed by the McLaren MP4-12C. But if you’re looking for a car to gain attention, I would rather choose this one rather than the McLaren or Ferrari 458 Italia. Having a super car is about getting other people’s attention to look and admire at your ride and Lamborghini in tradition pretty much succeed in this matter well from the Countach and many earlier models, hence this one is no exception. It may not be as good as the McLaren or Ferrari, but for the sake of the looks and pretty awesome engine sound, this is our pick for COTY if money is no object. Unfortunately the latter one seems pretty true to a majority of us, shame.

Honorable Mention:
McLaren MP4-12C – It may have a revolutionary suspension and the car is pretty much an classic textbook example of brilliant supercar engineering. Unfortunately, my soul thinks the Lamborghini is much a better looking and soulful car than this “fax machine”.

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