If you are a big fan of Honda, you might wanna stop reading here. Recent catastrophic floods that hit Thailand has pretty much put Thailand into disarray. Not only it cost hundreds of life lost and billions worth of damages, it affected the automotive industry as well. Honda has a major plant in the Ayutthaya province and it is among the hardest hit areas.

Thailand’s flood aftermath

Not only production was forced to a halt since early October, a total of 1,055 vehicles ranging from the Honda City, Jazz, to Brio subcompacts were submerged during the flood. This forces Honda to destroy these poor cars by demolishing using construction equipment and vehicle crushers. Honda has pledged not to sell these badly submerged cars and parts to the consumer hence ending their misery is the only right thing to do.

If you’re a Honda Fan, please look away!

The poor Jazz doesn’t deserve this!

So, for those who has booked their Honda, don’t worry as the flood is pretty much over and Honda in Thailand has resumed production. Here’s the video showing the news and the sad plight on the poor Honda cars.

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