When you are in a middle of a race, and your car caught fire, what do you do? Pull aside, run and take cover? We know Jeremy Clarkson would speed up hoping to put out the fire. Well, professional racer Jason White and his navigator John White did the same. Speed up, not hoping to put out the fire, but to win the race.

In the middle of the Targa High Country 2011 race, at Mt Buller in Australia in November, the Tasmanians’ Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale was burning from the rear-end. Instead of pulling over, they continued racing and managed to win the race.

“We don’t know exactly what caused the fire, but about halfway through, up she went and I could actually physically feel the heat from the fire and I said to John, ‘Well, what do want to do? It is a big fire, should we stop and put it out?’ and he said no. Keep up and we’ll get to the top,” said Jason White.

Check out the literally flaming Lamborghini in the videos below.

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