The Nissan GT-R aka Godzilla, has become Asians’ pride since its birth in 2008. For the part years, we have seen the Godzilla stomping and crushing many of its challengers along they way, dueling with supercars and hypercars from the west. Its creator Nissan, is very proud of its creation, hence fine-tuning and improving it from time to time, to become the ultimate machine.

What you are about to witness today, is the ultimate fight, put up by Japan’s Best Motor TV. Three generations of GT-R from 2012, 2011 and 2009 to battle one another. The youngest 2012 GT-R has 550-hp, the 2011 has 530-hp and the 2009 has 485 ponies. Thus, you would have guessed which will triumph this Battle of the Godzillas.

What they are trying to show here is how much the GT-R has improved from time to time. The first challenge is the 0 to 400m or quarter-mile duel, then it’s a three-lap race around the track. The third clip shows how the 2012 GT-R hit a top speed of 321kph on the highway. Enjoy the shows below!

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