In the 2011 DuPont Global Automotive survey to identify the most popular car color, it has shown that the color White/White pearl has emerged as the fastest growing color and caught up with silver as the world’s leading automotive color choices. The report did mention that 25 percent of car buyers around the world opted for white, the same amount that plumped for traditional favorite silver. The color black, favoured by rappers and Mafia gang, has to settle for second at 16 percent.

The white GTR looks fabulous!

“While white/white pearl has historically been a popular colour for vehicles, we’ve seen a bigger shift in its popularity this year than DuPont expected,” said Nancy Lockhart, DuPont colour marketing manager.

White was the most popular colour in North America for the fifth consecutive year, DuPont found, but it failed to topple black as the colour of choice in Europe, despite surging five percentage points over last year on the back of what DuPont describes as “inspiration for the ecological megatrend.” Japanese buyers also opted for white the most, but other Asian countries preferred silver, which topped the market in both China and South Korea, making it the most popular colour overall in Asia. Interestingly, in the Asia Pacific region, we are seeing color trends shift to nature and the environment with the color blue,” according to Kumiko Ohmura,

The following below are the list of the world’s most popular color for cars. So now, white is the new pink for motoring!

The world’s most popular automotive colours
(Data from 2011 DuPont Automotive Colour Popularity Report)

1. White/White Pearl and Silver, 25%
3. Black/Black Effect 16%
4. Gray 10%
5. Blue 7%
6. Red 5%
7. Brown/Beige 5%
8. Green 2%
9. Yellow/Gold 1%
10. Others 4%

[SOURCE: DuPont Global Automotive]

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