October has been a dark month for motorsports after the tragic accidents that took out the lives of Dan Wheldon and Marco Simoncelli in Indycar and MotoGP respectively. However last week, another young driver’s life was lost in Turismo Carretera’s Balcarce stock car race in Balcarce, Argentina.

Yet another horrific crash not for the faint hearted

The driver, Guido Falaschi, was driving a green and black livery car, chasing closely another car in front when the other car on the further front lost control hence prompting Falaschi to steer away from the front car. Causing him to crash into the wall. However, his car just landed in the middle of the road when tragically, 2 cars did not brake on time, colliding into Falaschi’s car and it was the second car’s impact that might have killed the poor 22 year old driver.

The aftermath, total wreck

Guido Falaschi

Here’s the video below, and it is not for the faint hearted. 2011 is indeed a very dark year for motorsports but like Wheldon, and Simoncelli, Falaschi dies doing what he loved most. May he rest in peace.

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