Here’s an interesting find on the Internet. The original theme for Top Gear UK has always been “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers Band since it began in 1977 and until the recent series the theme has never changed. Recently, a former Top Gear employee, Ian Morris, found and shared on his blog on what supposed to be a replacement theme when the show went for a refreshment sometime in 2006.

However, despite the theme looking almost the same like the one we’re watching now, Top Gear’s Jezza and sometimes the resident Orang Utan, Jeremy Clarkson thinks it’s horrible as it make them look like idiots. Hence he rejected it and reverted back the introduction video with a much acceptable presentation and the same theme song. Which works well until now.

Here’s the video as below, and Clarkson is proven correct, again. The video seriously look, horrific, especially seeing the cocker spaniel hair of James May flying around like a shampoo advert is disturbing enough. Thank god, the theme Jessica was retained in the current intro format and I hope to see that in the many years to come.



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