The new Subaru coupe, also known as the ‘ToyoBaru’ coupe, will be making it’s appearance in the coming weeks, after both Toyota and Subaru has been teasing us with concept models previously. The Subaru’s, known as the BRZ (probably stands for “Boxer engine”, “Rear-wheel drive” and “Zenith”) will be the more powerful version of Toyobaru couple, but except for the body, the naturally aspirated engine and rear wheel drive configuration are similarly with Toyota’s FT-86.

Despite this is the STI version (usually STI, means the most powerful tuned Subaru by the manufacturer) means improvement on the performance and handling is expected, but strangely no turbocharger is added into the engine. However, Subaru does fit upgraded suspension bits, new Brembo brakes and larger 18-inch wheels. The best part is Subaru’s classic blue color, a symbol for their previous Imprezza models, is retained with the BRZ.

The car will be making it’s world premiere at the 2011 edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 16, follows by the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show in the beginning of December, together with Toyota’s FT-86. Speaking of which, we found another leaked catalog on the FT-86, but this time it comes from Toyota’s own tuning arm, TRD. Not much details obtained from the accessories catalog for the FT-86, but expect tons of aftermarket performance upgrade parts from TRD and other brands. But seriously the TRD kitted FT-86 does look pretty awesome.

Here’s also another image of a possible finalized look of the production FT-86, found from a promotional brochure. I must say, after Toyota has been producing beig emobiles and boring hybrids, Toyota has gotten into the right track on producing exciting and beautiful cars.

[SOURCE: Autoblog & FT86 club]

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