You may associate Toyota with reliability, Honda with VTEC power, Volvo for safety, and BMW for the Ultimate Driving Machine. Mention Proton and 60% will reply “power window”. The power window problem has been plaguing Proton cars for many years with Malaysians having to sacrifice their working days and weekends to drive their Protons to the service centers to replace their power windows, only to find the newly changed power window gone broken a few days later. It is quite a common sight to see Proton drivers to open their door at toll booths as their power window is pretty much hopeless.

DSZ ensured power window problem on Proton will be eliminated!

However, recently, Proton Group MD, Dato’ Sri Haji Syed Zainal Abidin B. Syed Mohamed Tahir (DSZ), has announced that Proton will offer a Lifetime Warranty on power windows, subject to terms and conditions of course. DSZ, who took helm at the ailing Proton back in 2007, has big ambitions to bring back Proton into former glory and one of it includes getting rid of the power window problems in Proton cars.

Quote from DSZ, “What’s important for us is that the matter comes to an end. We can’t change what happened in the past but we can make a difference for the future,” he emphasized, and apologized to owners who had nightmares with the power window problems on their Protons.

The four components covered in the warranty

Here’s the catch. The Lifetime Warranty is only valid on all Proton models registered in Malaysia from September 1, 2011 onwards. It will also be applicable for units which were registered prior to this date and are still under Proton’s warranty as at September 1, 2011. For owners with cars in the latter category, they are advised to visit an authorized Proton service centre to get a certificate to activate the warranty. Confusingly, the warranty is for 10 years from the date of registration, or 250,000 km, which Proton takes as “the lifetime” of a vehicle.

While this move is applauding, I do found that this solution means nothing to existing Proton owners, especially those pre 2006 models which are terribly plagued by the power window problems. The Proton before DSZ era were infamous with inferior quality due to poor locally made components and parts used on power windows, door trims and many more. The Proton Waja and Gen 2, whose ride and handling is applauded, was criticized for having inferior low quality parts, which includes the defective power windows. Since the lifetime warranty is only for newer Proton (and as for now, newer Protons has fewer power window issues compared previously), this really feels like an PR gimmick and a slap to the face for Proton owners who own cars before 2006.

Still looking forward, perhaps the power window problem, just like this video we shared below,will be a thing of a past for future Protons. For those who require clarifications, kindly contact Proton at 1300-880-888 or email them at [email protected]

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