We have always loved and are fascinated by Ken Block’s gymkhana stunts. To carry out such stunts, the driver must not only have skillful precision driving and balls of steal, but massive budget for the car, the video production, the pyrotechnics (cue Gymkhana 4) and so on. Block’s own Fiesta, the HFHV, may cost up to almost a million dollars to build and maintain.

Gymkhana on a budget? It’s possible, ask Etienne!

So what do you do if you wish to do a gymkhana video with a budget perhaps, less than 1 thousand dollars? This is where this chap, Etienne Guerra able to “hoon” a 1986 Ford Fiesta which has 10% horsepower of Block’s Fiesta but cost maybe 1% of Block’s HFHV. The result, is a gymkhana video which is made with maybe 5% of Gymkhana 4 budget!

As part of our weekend special, watch this video for your amusement! So, now everyone can “gymkhana”?

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