These 2 little Italian men need no introduction, and chances are that you have played Mario Bros video games before. The most popular one now is the Mario Kart on Nintendo Wii. A Japanese car site, Cliccar decided to bring the characters into the real world.

A fat man and a thin man got dressed up as Mario and his brother, Luigi. However, I’m sure they got the sizes mistaken. It seems Mario has gone on a strict diet and Luigi’s on a eating spree in Tokyo. They into two X-Karts and drove around the streets of Tokyo.

Priced at US$4,900, the X-Kart is a self-styled “mini sports car”, weighing only 95 kg and has a limited top speed of 55 kph. Since it has four wheels, a standard driver’s license is necessary and a helmet isn’t required by Japanese law.

Japanese girls (and men) around the street of Tokyo love them! Check out the video below.

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