Owners of the XBox 360 game console should note that October will be the release of the highly anticipated racing simulator game, Forza Motorsports 4. Exclusively only in XBox 360, Forza, Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s legendary Gran Turismo series, is another car racing simulator developed by American game developers, Turn 10 Studios, and from the looks of it Forza 4 will be a top car racing video game in the market, ever topping the gorgeous but somehow disappointing Gran Turismo 5.

Forza 4, could be the best driving game in 2011

As part of the game’s marketing campaign, the game developer has engaged the world’s favorite car show, BBC UK’s Top Gear. This includes putting the Top Gear test track into the game and perhaps some Top Gear related challenges in the game too. Interestingly, they did engage Top Gear’s Jezza, (aka Jeremy Clarkson) to voice over one of their advertisement.

This example, called “Endangered Species” is something Clarkson did expressed himself on a Top Gear finale a few years back, where he expressed that the world today does not favor car enthusiast. However he did give hope that the future to enjoy driving is though the digital way, video games for this case. Still, check out the dramatic game trailer and if you do feel Clarkson’s agony of today’s hostile world towards driving enthusiast. Apart from that, brilliant cinematography and music too, just like a Top Gear segment.

The game will release in October 11th in the United States. Even if you’re not a gamer, if this video game trailer does not interest you, consider getting back to your phone and start swing birds to the pigs. Or watch paint dry.

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