Round 2 of Federal Open Drift Championship (ODC) saw top amateur Malaysian drifters on sideway action in a car park at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. Top flight drifting action ensued between amateur and expert drifters from the Malaysia drifting scene, and Hong Kong drifter and Formula Drift regular Charles Ng, did join as a guest competitor.

Federal Open Drift Championship (ODC) Round 2

Despite missing the likes of top Malaysia drifters like Tengku Djan and Ser Ming Hui (Ah Fai), there is no shortage of sideway actions especially on the expert level. Having Djan and Ah Fai not in the competitor’s list means good news for other top drifters in the Malaysia’s scene including Ivan Lau, Tan Tat Wei, Hashigutti, Arif Johanis, Ah Boy and many more, as all are competing for top honors. There’s also competition for amateur drifters, hoping to create a new generation of top flight expert drifters in Malaysia.

No Tengku Djan or Ah Fai means good news for these drivers!

One of the many Tsuchio’s battles in the competition

Unfortunately just like the first round, due to personal commitments, I was unable to attend this event during the competition day. However, we did send Eric Lim to cover for us and extra credits for his brilliant sideways photography. What I was told was the expert category was an intense battle fought among famous names in the Malaysia drifting scene. In the end, Ivan Lau with his rotary powered Toyota AE86 overcame the day by defeating Team Goodyear’s Arif Johanis in a closely fought final. Third place battle was a classic example of David battling Goliath when Ah Boy with his small but plucky little green Toyota special pickup overcoming the challenge from guest drifter Charles Ng, who was using Bullzai’s loud and fast Silvia S15.

Arif Johanis with Team Goodyear

Charles Ng in Bullzai’s maniacal S15

Ivan Lau is the winner

Our congratulations to Ivan Lau for securing his bagging rights as Malaysia’s top drifter. Not until we see Tengku Djan and Ah Fai back to competing with them, possibility in Formula Drift Kuala Lumpur by December. Meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures taken by Eric Lim.

Ah Boy with his unique AE86 pickup

Spectator games for everybody!

Even the drifters got a lighter side of their life, like how Hashigutti did!

Plucky pick up versus a coupe, who will win?

The grand final, who will win?

The winner, Ivan Lau!

How can we forget to shoot these pictures of these pretty ladies from Federal Tyres!

Cute mascot from Federal Tyres

See you in the next event!

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