Here are some news of joy for Nissan’s fans. Nissan Europe is on a project to beef up their rather odd looking crossover, the Juke into a monster. Dubbed as the “Super Juke”, imagine a small crossover car got in touch with Nissan GTR’s DNA and you get the idea.

Apart from those oversized rims and bodykits like other manufacturers will do, the performance figures has been altered, tremendously. What even more eye popping is that Nissan will make it lighter by shredding unnecessary car parts and may add lightweight materials, most likely for the rims and interior. The best part is the engine used will be the detuned version of GTR’s godzilla 3.8-liter V6 480 BHP engine!

The Super Juke, GTR’s proud little brother

This will transform from what supposely to be a “Monster” looking Juke into a scary and crazy fast little Godzilla just like its bigger brother, the GTR. As for now, it is unclear if this is just an one off project or a limited unit model.

In another news, there are reports suggesting that the 2013’s Nissan GTR will be upgraded with more ponies, to 570BHP, all thanks to new engine mapping, a revised intake and exhaust. Also, the next GTR release will likely have new aero tweaks for better cooling and efficiency. Reports also suggest that the 2013 model will have even better emission ratings than its current model. Will we able to see the next GTR to lap the Nürburgring under 7:10? I think it’s possible.

More power for the 2013’s GTR!

Back to the Malaysian front, sadly there is no power upgrades for current Nissan models selling in Malaysia. Rather more shocking, in a recent MAA Vehicle Sales data, the old and dated Nissan Sentra (based on the 10 year old Nissan Sunny/Sentra) is still selling with over 100 units sold in August. Sigh.

This is the Nissan Sunny for the current generation, sigh

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