Well, seems like eBay is quite a host for rather unusual rides. And here’s another one to add to the list.

Yes folks, a Ferrari FXX.

On the eBay site, the price is US$ 1.5mil. It is really a bargain, considering the fact that the total mileage of the car is only 7 miles! Also do note there are only 30 units were made, and one has already in the hands of former Ferrari’s red baron, Michael Schumacher, in which Ferrari made one as a parting gift to Schumacher after he announced his first retirement in F1 from Ferrari in 2006.

As per this article is written, there is no reservation made, hence this car is still up for grabs! For the uninitiated, the FXX is a track-only Ferrari Enzo, which has been embedded with F1 gizmos. This includes an insanely fast F1 gearbox, able to change gears under 100ms, and a engine performance of almost 800BHP which is almost equivalent with a modern F1 car.

The performance figures can match a Ferrari F1 car

This particular FXX is FXX #11 out of 30 FXXs. And don’t forget, that the FXX once ruled the top spot on the Top Gear Power Lap board at 1 minute and 10.7 seconds, only it was taken down a week later, because Jeremy Clarkson said it was not a street legal car. As the FXX is NOT a street legal car, it can only be driven when authorized by Ferrari themselves on the track. So, thinking of hooning this in your neighbourhood? Fat hopes!

Well folks, prepare your cheque, and start bidding now!

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