There are times when movie tie-ins on cars do work. Like the Ford Mustang Bullit edition or most recently Chevrolet Camaro Transformer Edition. However for this case in China, it does not work. General Motors in Shanghai decided to launch their own version of Transformer into their cars. But since they do not have the Camaro in China, they picked a rather odd model for that.

Here we present to you, the Chevrolet Cruze Transformer Edition which is basically a Cruze with Bumblebee’s trim. The car was launched just in time for the new Transformer’s movie, Transformer 3, Dark of the Moon. However be disappointed as we do not recall if Bumblebee was a normal humble saloon, or maybe the Cruze was one of the many cars destroyed during the movie.

The Chevrolet Cruze Transformer Edition! A car that the Decepticons would love to destroy

So apart from the 1.6 turbocharged engine producing 184BHP which is quite decent, all you get are stripes from Bumblebee, the yellow paint and “Autobots” logo taken from the movie props after the movie has finished shooting. But the worse part is the price, this special edition Bumblebee wannabe cost a whopping 450,000rmb (USD 69,000), where a normal 1.6 turbocharged Cruze sells at 160,000rmb in China. That’s almost 3 times for a car that Michael Bay would be proud to drive in China.

Bee, transform… eghh, wait, it can’t!

A night with Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is sadly not in the option list

It is not sure how many units were sold, moreover a overpriced car with a “not so great” movie tie line and at best it will transform into a small yellow cube after involved in a direct collision with a truck.

Even Optimus Prime is ashamed with this “Autobot”

[SOURCE: ChinaCarTimes]

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