We’ve always loved Top Gear’s annual Christmas year end special, where the trio will embark on an epic journey in a different and exotic country for their cheap car challenge special. They have traveled to the United States, Africa, Vietnam, Chile (their hardest challenge so far) and last year in Israel and Middle East. The special is always a special to watch, with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, going though challenges of driving into tough conditions while enjoying each other’s company and their machines in different parts of the world.

Clarkson on a recent Interview

So come 2011 and according to a source from Witney TV, Clarkson revealed they might go to an Asian country, and India will be their choice. If this rumor is true, this should be very interesting to watch as India, not only has beautiful scenic views but they have one of the scariest and worst roads and drivers in the world. With no traffic order, crowded vehicles (imagine a small Tata Nano to fit 8-10 people is common in India!), car horning each other every second, and massive, overcrowded people in tight roads, this might be the toughest challenge for the Top Gear trio.

Will Clarkson and co survive this?

We also are wondering what will be their mode of transport? Will it be small old Japanese cars like the Maruti Alto or the ancient Hindustan Ambassador? Or could it be another motorcycle challenge like in Vietnam? Regardless, this should be epic to watch!

[SOURCE: Witney TV]

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