This is arguably the most intense dogfight in the supercar category, which is the McLaren MP4-12C versus the Ferrari Italia 458. Both involving engineering wizardry from British and Italy, controlled by massive electronics, and feature a double clutch gearbox. The McLaren has a twin 3.8cc turbocharged V8 producing 592bhp while the Ferrari uses the naturally aspirated 4.5cc V8 but shy 30bhp from the McLaren. Both 0-100 figures were equally matched at less than 3.4seconds and their rivalry poised to be as intense as Hamilton battling Alonso in F1.

Italian flair versus British engineering. Who will win?

So, which one is the best? Is it the refined, faster, more disciplined and more hi-tech McLaren? Or could Italian passion and flair make the Ferrari special? However, there will be only one winner. Unfortunately since we don’t own either of these cars and very unlikely to get loan of these car for test, the next best thing is to get the reviewers from Fifth Gear to find out. I bet you’ll be amazed by the end result!

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