Here we have two tales of supercars which have gone into the water. Not sure if September is “Drive your car into the water” month after these two freak accidents.

We start off with a sad news hitting the Ferrari, yet again. This time, during a Newfoundland Targa road race at Canada, a rare Ferrari Enzo, driven by Zahir Rana, lost control on a gravel road, then hitting the sea waters of the Altantic ocean. Fortunately for the driver and co driver, Roland Linder managed to escape without serious injuries. However, this Edo Competition Enzo suffers light front bumper and wing damage, apart of a very wet interior and engine. This rare Ferrari has fortunately been pulled out of the sea.

We all live in the yellow submarine…oh wait…

Poor Ferrari got recovered

Check out the video below to see how the poor Enzo flew into the sea.

On the second news, we have another sad one for Nissan GTR fans. In a car festival in Assen, Holland, someone lost control with his GTR and then bounced off a bridge before skidded straight into the river. So what you see on the video below is a sad looking GTR drowned in a river in Holland.

The GTR doesn’t deserve this!!! Nooo!!!

While we mourn the lost of these two great supercars which were drowned, let’s not hope we will not see a Veyron or a 458 Italia gone “swimming with the fishes” until September ends!

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