Behold, you are about to witness what supposed to be the most expensive car toy model in the world. These car toy models are usually affordable to car fans that could not afford the real machine. Instead of plastics or die cast, this 1:8 scale Aventador, comes with seats, headlights and steering wheel made from diamonds, wheels fashioned from gold and platinum. Even the body is made with carbon fiber.

It is a good looking toy, until….

How much does this toy cost? Well, $4.7million US dollars. But that is auction price and if possible, you can buy from the car model manufacturer, Robert Gülpen, for a crazy $6 million dollars. If mental calculation is in your head, that almost 12 times more expensive than the real Aventador you can buy from a Lamborghini showroom.

The price, 12 times more than the real car! Madness!

If size does not matter!

Credits to David Kaiser for the images and please do check out the video here. I must say, if someone did buy this car model but does not own a Aventador, I’m not sure if I should call you mental or insane. Or both.

[SOURCE: AutoBlog]

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