Continuing from where we left (Volume 1), here are our next picks from the Frankfurt Motorshow 2011!

The Land Rover DC100 concept. Set to replace the iconic Defender which has been with Land Rover for many years. Set to launch in 2015, we may not be expecting the Defender to be a funky 3 door roofless SUV like the ones on the pictures, but what a interesting concept it is.

Will this be replacing those Landies in Cameron Highlands?

Joining the super SUV craze just like Porsche did with the mega successful Cayenne, Italian supercar marque Maserati is joining the fray with the introduction of another sports SUV, the Maserati Kubang.

Maserati’s answer to BMW X5 & Porsche Cayenne!

Ford’s amazing new concept, the Evos, set to be revealed into new Ford cars in the coming future.

This stunning looking car could be our next Mondeo or Focus

On Volkswagen’s home event, they did introduce the new Beetle to the whole world. But we’re more interested with the hot version of this Beetle, Volkswagen Beetle R Concept. Packed with parts from the Golf GTi, from the 2.0cc turbocharged engine, 6 speed DSG gearbox and new to this, a 20 inch “Talladega”, it’s like Herbie reborn with overdose of testosterone.

Very desirable Beetle!

You may wonder where’s BMW? Well this time, there’s not much from them, but strangely BMW is more fond with two wheels. That’s right, they displayed the BMW Motorrad Concept electric scooter.

I wonder where’s the famous kidney grills?

This one should be interesting, as this new Subaru XV crossover will be assembled for the Malaysian and Asian markets by Nissan assembler and distributor, Tan Chong in Malaysia. From the looks of it, it does look great and should be a good seller provided if priced well.

Subaru first CKD car in Malaysia

Lotus displayed a number of models there, but our pick will be the amazing Lotus Evora GTE. Think of a pumped up Lotus Evora with bumblebee paintwork and you may get the idea. The V6 engine from the Toyota Camry has been beefed up to produce 434 BHP mated with a automated manual gearbox. Looks like Lotus is warming up before launching the new Espirt in few years to come.

Simplify, then add Power!

The next international motorshow to look out for will be the Tokyo International Motorshow in November. We might see the anticipated Toyota and Subaru new couple, the FT 86/BZ, to be launch over there in Tokyo, so we definery looking forward for that one!

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