What you’re about to see here is perhaps the most dangerous and scariest roundabout in the world. Found somewhere in Germany, this roundabout is like a failed art piece and human death trap all melted together. The best part is, it is located at the middle of the roundabout without any barriers of protection.

Man this look shitty scary!

What’s here is nothing but spikes, pikes, poles and rods that not only will stop drivers or motorcyclist from going off road but will injure or killing them in the process. Imagine if there’s a motorcyclist who fails to stop and rams into that middle. You can imagine something worse than what you see in Final Destination movies.

Pikes and spikes in the middle of a roundabout! Madness!

It is not sure if this is a part of city beautification or to ensure traffic safety (more like to scare people off!), this is one crazy roundabout that no one wants to mess with!

Is this art or a deathtrap?

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