Back in December 2008, Honda fans all around the world were sadden and disappointed when Honda decided to cancel the NSX replacement project due to the weak global economic conditions and Honda’s growing conscious as a environmental friendly manufacturer. The iconic Japanese manufacturer which is renowned for its sporty performance cars has turned into a tree hugger after halting production of their sports cars from the Integra, S2000 and most recently the Honda Civic Type R to focus to more environmental friendly cars like the Insight and CRZ.

Honda NSX, one of Japan’s greatest sports cars ever lived

Now, we have news of joy for all Honda fans. At the ongoing Frankurt motorshow in Germany, Honda’s CEO, Takanobu Ito has now confirmed on reviving the NSX replacement project! However, the “new NSX” will be radically different from its predecessor, with Ito stating that the goal will be to build a car that has a incredible power-to-weight-ratio as opposed to outright power.

“You can’t depend on a high power output to call a car sporty anymore,” he said. “The original NSX was about high power but also good driving performance, and today power-to-weight is what we have to focus on. The NSX was known for its aluminum body, so when we develop our new sports car we don’t want to copy Ferrari for power, but to also chase efficiency as well.”

Honda’s CEO Takanobu Ito

So what we know now is Honda’s new sports car might be a potential automotive engineering extraordinary in the making as it will rely on power to weight ratio and smart chasis engineering rather than high horsepower engines as many supercars are known to. However, the catch is since Honda is now more known with their environmental credentials, this super car will be a eco-friendly supercar while it will also brings Honda into sporting credibility as the predecessor did so.

“Our recent efforts have been focused on fuel efficiency, and that perhaps gives the impression Honda is behind with pushing the brand image of sportiness, but let me assure you that is not the case,” said Ito. “We will address that impression with our new generations of cars.” Does this hint of a possible hybrid supercar from Honda as well?

With Honda back to the performance car groove, and since the we have seen the Honda HSV (the supposed replacement for the NSX) is racing in the Super GT series in Japan, will this be the successor for the NSX?

Will this be the next NSX?

For those who want to feel how the HSV feels like, take a look at this video below. Trust me, it does sound like an F1 car! If Honda reads this, please make that soundtrack a must for the upcoming NSX!

[SOURCE: Autocar UK]

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