This piece of news is just weird and disturbing. In Lokeren, Belgium, a 60 year old maid was found killed in a freak accident by her employer’s BMW convertible (presumably a Z4 or 6 series convertible). The maid was believed to be cleaning the BMW when the folding convertible top mysteriously closed on top of her neck.

Apparently, this car’s roof just killed a poor woman

According to reports, the BMW was described as partially out of the garage, indicating she’s likely to have turned the car on and moved it so she can clean the car properly. Various theories emerged, including if she could have engaged the folding top by leaning against the key or accidentally hitting the close button. Even if the folding and subsequent crushing isn’t BMW’s fault, the system should sense when there’s interference and shut down.

There is no word from BMW on regards of this freak accident, perhaps this brings BMW engineers back to the drawing board to prevent this from happening again. Anyway, the moral of the story is, keep your head out from folding convertibles!

Stay your heads away from these, they dangerous!

[SOURCE: Jalopnik]

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