For fans of the Italian prancing horse, you will be sadden by these two news. It is sad to see such machines, developed and engineered with blood, sweat and tears from the passionate engineers and designers of Ferrari, only to be ruined by rich ignorant irresponsible b*stards who take it for granted. Here we have two such tales.

The first one was in Dubai when the rare Ferrari Enzo, once the most advanced production Ferrari ever built, was found in the police impound, believed to be abandoned by the owners. The supercar is believed among possibly thousands of luxurious and rare cars abandoned in the Middle East, mostly by expatriates returning home after their business ventures got folded up or real estate deals gone bad.

The Ferrari Enzo, once the pride of Ferrari

The sad abandoned Enzo. It doesn’t deserve this!

The supercar is believed to be sent for auction but seeing the car has been exposed to extreme heat and humidity beyond 115 degrees F, it will take serious effort to restore back the car into former glory. The rare Ferrari Enzo was built with limited 399 units around the world. The car, named after Ferrari’s founder, was launched in 2002, was built with Formula One technology in mind, with carbon-fibre body, F1-style gearbox, ceramic composite disc brakes, V12 engine and active aerodynamics. The used unit of the Enzo will reach millions due to its limited numbers. The only thing we wish now is the next owner of this Enzo will restore and look after this car as it deserves to.

The second one involving world most hated celebrity, Justin Bieber who has literally involved in a car accident in a Ferrari California. The accident took place in Los Angles, where Bieber’s Ferrari involved in a minor fender bender with a Honda Civic. Celebrity news gossip portal TMZ revealed that the Honda “tapped” Biebs so gently he didn’t exchange info with the other driver. However, one of Bieber’s pals decided to play safe by reporting this to the police, and funny enough the police showed up and said there wasn’t enough damage to even take a report!

Bieber on someone’s else Ferrari California

So for Bielivers (term used for Justin Bieber hardcore fans) don’t worry, no one is injured and Justin Bieber will continue making annoying songs to annoy the heck out of everyone. However, that’s not the best part yet. The Ferrari California is not even his. Could it be his girlfriend, Selina Gomez’s? Oops…..

[SOURCE: MotorAuthority]

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