On another edition of Blast from The Past, this time we take a look back in one of Jeremy Clarkson’s classic TV series produced in 1995-1996. It’s called ‘Motorworld’, where in each episode he will travel to one specific country to see how the motoring culture looks like.

Clarkson’s Motorworld

In this episode shown in 1995, Clarkson (with his even curlier hair days) went to Japan and discovered the art of driving cars sideways in mountain passes and race tracks. This is where he met the godfather of drift himself, Keichi Tsuchiya, who was much younger at that time and looks a lot nerdy. Then on the video, Clarkson explores what supposed to be midnight highway drive (cue the Wangan Midnight arcade game series) and drives the Nissan GTR R32 himself.

Well he has more hair last time…..

Amusing Kenny G background music aside, this is a must watch for Clarkson and drifting fans. It’s interesting to see how Clarkson got fascinated with the performance car culture when it at its peak in Japan.

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