Former 7-time Formula One champion, Michael Schumacher, is having a difficult time in F1 this season. After 1 and a half years out of his 3 year program with Mercedes GP, his results is best described as lackluster. His best performance in 2011 is 4th in Canada but suffers a few mechanical retirements. Similarly in 2010, his younger team mate, Nico Rosberg, out qualified and outperformed him in most races so far.

Critics have been asking Schumacher to retire and step down from F1, but Schumacher just recently commented in Mercedes GP website that he will be racing until the end of 2012 season. “Despite some funny rumours and stupid untruthful stories, I keep repeating myself that you will have to see me in 2012, whether you like it or don’t like it,” Schumacher said in that interview.

Schumacher looking cool despite his mediocre F1 results so far

“I will be there. And the good thing is that I have a lot of support from all around, in particular from the company, in particular from the team, that they all wish me to be there, so I wish to be there, and I look forward to it.”

Although there’s likelihood he will remain until 2012 due to his special relationship with team boss Ross Brawn, unless Mercedes GP can deliver a car that will make Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel sweat, maybe we can see the great Red Baron on the podiums. Hopefully this happens before the end of 2012 season.

Schumacher in Sepang 2011

[SOURCE: Autosport]

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